Arte In Motion

Goesling Group

“A modern exploration of greek vase paintings, we’re defining ‘Arte of Motion’ in two ways. The first as a literal depiction of movement in the figures layered over each other. The second as a repeat of the pattern into infinity.”

Alice Benjamin Interiors


An unseen form
All around us
Is it sound ?
Is it color ?
Is it light ?
Let me marvel in its beauty
Grateful for my senses
Grateful for my humanness
Staying in stillness in the midst of this motion


studio de le:u

Sound of Water

In his notebooks, DaVinci recorded 730 findings about the flow of water and listed 67 words that describe different types of moving water. He was fascinated by this element and obsessively studied the science behind its behavior, taking his findings and applying them to inventions. This piece conveys the flowing water that captivated DaVinci, the light reflected off and sound through its molecules–continuous motion occurring in many different forms.


Searl Lamaster Howe

The worlds we create are set in motion by the unpredictable. Space, color and light, mingling in time.


Michael Herschenson Architects

MHA conveyed the concept of “motion” by using 6 alternating colors in a wave like pattern. The wave symbolizes tranquility as well as ferocity and resilience; it is always moving or being moved. This makes the wave the ideal symbol for “motion”.


Lamar Johnson Collaborative

This work expresses motion at a planetary scale. When we zoom out to understand planetary motion, it allows us as humans to shift perspective to better grasp our place in a vast universe and affirm our role to steward our environment well. 


CI Design + Build

Life in motion is not linear. 

“If you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter which path you take.” 

– Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


dSpace Studio


We recognized that movement is not only physical, but can also refer to the passage of time. Referencing this idea of time as motion, our team was reminded of the work of painter Marcel Duchamp. The artist is known for his unprecedented and intellectual works that redefine perspective.


Wheeler Kearns Architects

This piece abstracts the spatial development of several recent projects as parti diagrams, ubiquitous for their powerful simplicity. At contrasting temporal scale to the developmental fossils of design exploration, a background layer of mirroring provides visual motion as one views the piece, representing the uniqueness and importance of every client, setting the context for interpreting our work. 


Skidmore, Owens & Merrill

Life is to move and to be moved; if motion is how we accomplish our goals, then emotion is why we pursue them in the first place, and progress is what we chase indefinitely beyond the horizon. 


Foster Dale Architects

The expressionist work of Italian artist, Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920), has always captivated us. His stylized pencil portrait drawing, “Tete de cariatide” circa 1910, is our point of departure. This drawing has been abstracted and repeated to show motion much like the reflection from a mirror can make the reflection of a face move like an echo through space. The range of colors emphasizes the strong graphic quality of the drawing and help to create even more of a feeling of motion with a playful focus on the red lips of the cariatide!