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Solid wood kitchens by TEAM 7 are produced with artistic craftsmanship and the highest standards in design and technology


Every TEAM 7 kitchen is planned exactly according to your wishes and needs and then custom-made to order: from simple kitchen units to eat-in kitchens with kitchen islands, from classic to modern design kitchens. Flexible height, width and depth reductions allow millimeter-precise adjustments and even customized designs can be implemented – for maximum ergonomics and comfort. In addition, numerous types of wood, different materials and handles as well as state-of-the-art interiors allow for a wide variety of designs. The right thing for every taste.


With TEAM 7 kitchens, you bring a piece of nature into your home. Made of pure wood, they provide warmth and comfort with their natural radiance. Finished exclusively with natural oil, the wooden surfaces remain breathable. They absorb moisture and release it again when the air is dry. In this way, they noticeably support a pleasant room climate. Speaking of climate: TEAM 7’s kitchens only use wood from sustainable forestry. In this way, ensures that the forests, which are so important for the protection of our climate, are preserved for future generations. With great attention to detail, TEAM 7 creates products of the highest quality from this renewable raw material. Because they are manufactured in Austria, all TEAM 7 products can guarantee environmentally conscious and sustainable production.


What are the advantages of a solid wooden kitchen?

Wood has a natural antibacterial and antistatic effect, it can breathe and neutralize odors. The decisive factor here is that the pores remain open and are not closed by lacquers. But solid wooden kitchens with oiled surfaces offer even more advantages: the natural material is used a lot by nature and is extremely robust. This makes TEAM 7 kitchens durable, stable in value, and particularly easy to care for. Even small dents and scratches can be repaired and the traces of years of use removed. By not using lacquers or other chemical ingredients, the wood remains free of harmful substances. In this way, our kitchens promote a healthy cooking environment and can be returned to the material cycle after a long life.


Not an inch is wasted here.

The customized equipment of our natural wood kitchens keeps ingredients and cookware within reach at all times and ensures even more cooking pleasure. Order and clarity are just as important as ergonomics. Choose between an interior in glossy chrome or a system in anthracite-colored metal, with the front and railing made of natural wood.



The forests in which the trees for TEAM 7 kitchens grow to play an important role as durable carbon storers. One cubic meter of wood binds the carbon from around one tonne of CO2. TEAM 7 then uses this wood to make kitchens, which in turn store the bound carbon for a long time. While this is happening, the next trees start growing and extracting CO2 from our atmosphere. Like good wine, TEAM 7 gives our wood time to mature, to develop the qualities we value by letting it dry for up to two years.

Wood is also naturally accustomed to all sorts of challenges – it is extremely robust. This makes TEAM 7 kitchens durable, stable in value and especially easy to care for. Even small dents and scratches can be repaired and the traces of many years of use can be removed. In this way, TEAM 7 kitchens retain their natural beauty for decades.


Wood from sustainable forestry and manufacturing in Austria guarantees environmentally-friendly production of kitchens, which can then be re-integrated back into the material cycle after a long service life.


Elements made from real solid wood and fronts in ultramodern three-layer technology make sure the kitchens are strong and durable. The solid design and repairable surfaces ensure a significantly longer lifespan.


The wooden surfaces finished with natural oil are free of harmful substances and maintain their antibacterial properties – ideal for storing food. They also have antistatic properties.


TEAM 7 kitchens are order-based and custom-made to meet individual requirements and therefore provide superior ergonomics and comfort.


The innovative features and sophisticated organization of the interior and various work surfaces make sure that things flow smoothly during cooking.

For anyone who sees cooking and enjoying food as a multi-sensory experience, wood is the perfect natural material for their kitchen.

Dr Georg Emprechtinger,
CEO and owner of TEAM 7


TEAM 7 carefully selected wood surfaces are sorted by hand and genuinely unique. Like the trees, they are made from.


Guitars, violins and pianos – they all depend on real wood for their sound.


Enjoy the warmth of oiled, open-pore wooden surfaces – you can literally feel it.


Close your eyes and enjoy the scent of real wood.


Fine wine from a wood barrel, fresh bread from a wood-burning stove: pure pleasure.

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