Sistema 22 offers highly customized environments. Design and made-in-Italy kitchens that give the possibility to enhance the peculiarities of each individual space.

Alta Cucine


Research, design, and tailoring: three values that have always been part of the DNA of Alta Cucine, which creates projects combining technological innovation with Italian manufacturing excellence. Each Alta kitchen is completely tailor-made, created with an artisanal approach and supported by the organization, distribution, technical and design assistance on a solid industrial scale.



Alta sees space as an inspiration, space becomes the incentive to think, a container to be filled with contents and functions for the benefit of people who will enjoy them. It is from this unique and unrepeatable combination of desires and needs, environment, time and materials that the project idea is born and takes shape in a specific space.

The refined alternation of full and empty volumes, in addition to the creative aspect, satisfies functional requirements and confers dynamicity to the entire project. This combination reappears in the use, also in this case exquisitely functional, of two different openings, the minimalistic Linea profile on the peninsula’s base units interacts with the new sturdy and long-limbed handles, in the column area.

Alta brings to the kitchen environment a convivial and personalized style, that stands out for the clever combination of natural materials and advanced technology. A contemporary style emphasized by the rigorous shape with a perfect diagonal cut. These new 45 degrees slanted edge doors are characterized by one or more sides with beveled edges which, when placed side-by-side with counter-shaped sides, allow the creation of a “monolith” effect without visible thicknesses.

The concept is emphasized by the use of sliding tops which, when sliding, reveal the sink and hob integrated into the stainless-steel worktop.


A minimal and essential design, inspired by aesthetic criteria, that give life to beautiful, important and functional spaces, but also elegant and discrete, based on the principles of ergonomics: this is the philosophy inspiring Alta’s creations.

Alta Project, New York, NY

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