Pisa Height Adjusting Desk

Designer/Artist: Kai Stania
Brand: Team 7

With Pisa, TEAM 7 is breaking new ground in home offices. The desk is made of pure solid wood and combines modern office features with the appeal of a natural home environment. The diagonal lifting column is both a design feature and an innovative piece of technology. It allows the desktop to be electrically adjusted to any height from 23.3 – 45.2 inches. The Pisa desk can be adapted to meet your requirements to the nearest millimeter, for use in a sitting or standing position. Pictures and pinboards on the wall are no problem because the table top automatically moves forward slightly as it rises. Pisa’s light, slender style means it combines superbly with other TEAM 7 furniture ranges, transforming your home working space into a wohnofficeT7.



A flush-fitted, magnetic cable outlet in the tabletop ensures that cables vanish elegantly into an almost invisible cable channel below, which includes a 6-way power socket board. For mobile devices, there is also an optional, flush-fitted, media flip top with a dual power point, USB A and USB C chargers. An additional top unit is available for the desk, which includes a storage shelf and can be finished in any TEAM 7 fabric or leather color, to match the TEAM 7 chairs and the Pisa pedestal. An optional LED light strip can be added on request to provide comfortable light for working. Another optional feature is the almost invisible desk drawer, for extra storage space.

Pisa desk / Pisa desk with top unit

  • types of wood: alder, beech, beech heartwood, oak, wild oak, cherry, walnut, wild walnut, oak white oil, wild oak white oil, wild wood version only available on table top
  • features (optional): drawer, media flip top, cable outlet, cable conduit, lighting (only for Pisa with add-on)
  • upholstery add-on: leather or fabric
  • electrically adjusted to any height from 23.3 – 45.2 inches

Please refer to the spec sheet for more details.