Cubus Wall Unit

Designer/Artist: Sebastian Desch
Brand: Team 7

Cubus, with its distinctive 25 mm thick, solid wood top, is the TEAM 7 living range for people who really love wood. Our striking new solid wood top, 39 mm thick, gives Cubus wall units a stunning new look and modern, linear style. It accentuates the natural strength and beauty of solid wood even more, both visually and in the way it feels to the touch. Constructed using our innovative three-layer technology, it has impressive structural stability and a high load-bearing capacity. Using the 39 mm thick panel, it is possible to create new furniture plans with projecting shelves. Thanks to the optional integrated cable outlet in the top board and the cable channel below it your home entertainment equipment can still be almost invisible. Wood end panels set flush with the front form a base 16 cm high, which raises the cabinet element off the floor, giving it a visual impression of lightness despite its robust physicality. The new round dot knob handles make a delightful decorative feature. The end-grained wood is clearly visible from the front, highlighting our meticulous attention to detail.



Please refer to the spec sheet for more details.