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Micheluzzi Glass - Mobili Mobel

Micheluzzi Glass - Mobili Mobel

Country: Italy
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Micheluzzi Glass is a handmade glass collection designed by Elena and Margherita Micheluzzi. The duo who happen to be the daughters of Massimo Micheluzzi, a leading Venetian glass artist, grew up in the father’s workshop surrounded by glass. The two sisters grew up closely observing the iconic glass-making art of Murano and decided to continue the family tradition by starting their own glass collection in 2019. The two sisters are following the family tradition of glassmaking by starting a new line focused on glassware with a contemporary twist. Despite their modern twist, Elena and Margherita do not intend to reject tradition. In fact, it is quite the opposite since their work remains closely linked to Venetian history and heritage.

All the glass produced by the two sisters has this very distinctive trait: texture. The peculiar texture is achieved thanks to a variety of techniques. One above all is the Molatura: a grinding process that transforms the surface and the perception of glass. Then there is the Granzioli technique, which makes it seem that the piece of glass is fallen from the sky by a freezing cold distant planet. No wonder the two sisters have named this glass collection “Ghiaccio”, the Italian word for ice. But the finishing of the glass produced by the two sisters can also be gentle and delicate; some pieces of their production are in fact made thanks to the Iride technique that transforms the glass giving it an iridescent pearl-like effect.

As for their glassware, they have the peculiarity of being moving objects; at first glance, their watery shapes make you think that they are still in the glass liquid form, almost as if they never had the chance to complete their transformation in a solid body. These dramatic changes in the surface can be experienced with two senses: touch and sight. And it is thanks to this game of light and texture playing together that each glass seems a live object. The way in which the light reflects enhances the colors and contrasts of the glass creating special shimmering effects that project you into the Venetian Lagoon atmosphere.



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