Ghiaccio Vase

Designer/Artist: Elena & Margherita Micheluzzi
Brand: Micheluzzi Glass

Ghiaccio – the Italian word for ice – is the effect produced by ‘Granzioli’, small glass fragments that resemble crushed ice. To create this special texture, a bed of Granzioli are applied on the main piece while it is still incandescent. The result is a thick and uneven layer of glass granules that envelops the surface of the vase. To highlight the contrast, a portion of the vase is left uncovered and smooth.

This vase is handcrafted and signed.



Color: Pale Gold
Size: H 9.4″, Ø 7″

This technique takes its name from how the tiny fragments of glass are called since ancient time in Murano’s furnaces.
The making consists of rolling the incandescent glass upon a bed made of transparent glass flakes.
Since we wanted to emphasize this peculiar effect, we decided to lay these glass flakes only in a circumscribed area forming in such way a reflective belt around the glass.
This stylistic choice allows you to both touch and see the different effects of smooth and coarse glass, and you can appreciate how light goes through this cloud of glass bubbles.
Such technique allowed us to recreate the very same effect that you can observe on the water surface once the waves gently break on themselves.