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Country: Italy
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Marie Brandolini founded Laguna~B in 1994 when she brought her passion for design and unparalleled creativity to Murano, reinterpreting the Goto de furnance iconic glass collection, and creating an instantly recognizable series of glassware. As a company producing what is considered non-essential goods, Laguna~B believes its work should have a positive impact by creating quality hand-made products that last for generations. The brand understands the environmental impact and continually reduces it in inventive ways.

Laguna~B is now owned by Marcantonio Brandolini d’Adda, Marie’s youngest son. His artful mission is to shatter clichéd notions of his family’s native Venice while preserving its singular traditions. Marcantonio established AUTONOMA in Murano along with Seattle’s Pilchuck School of Glass. The exchange program describes itself as “an international community and cultural space in Murano that attracts and nurtures the next generation of glass artists.” All of these projects are part of Brandolini d’Adda’s balance between maintaining Italy’s tradition of exquisite glasswork and presenting glass to a new generation of buyers and collectors. Laguna~B asserted itself within Murano’s glassmaking community and has contributed a truly contemporary approach to the centuries-old tradition.

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