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The entire production process is completed in TEAM 7 own workshops in Upper Austria. The product production process is controlled from the forest to the finished furniture. That guarantees environmentally friendly, high-quality manufacturing, and safeguards the company’s independence. Today TEAM 7 benefits from decades of experience and has always stayed true to our principles.

Rather than churning out short-lived “throw-away” furniture, TEAM 7 manufactures products with a long functional and aesthetic lifespan. “This is because only things that endure and provide a lifetime of enjoyment can truly be called sustainable“. Every piece of TEAM 7 furniture is unique and carefully hand-made by experienced cabinetmakers: starting with storing the wood correctly, selecting the right pieces and then carefully processing in a way that does justice to this living natural material. True craftsmanship, great expertise at every stage of manufacturing and meticulous attention to detail are what guarantee the outstanding quality of TEAM 7 brand.



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