echt.zeit Kitchen

Designer/Artist: Sebastian Desch
Brand: Team 7

The echt.zeit kitchen cleverly combines elements from nature with invisible technology and intelligent ergonomics. Whether a practical baking tray divider to make it easy to handle bulky baking utensils, or an open compartment with a pull-out shelf for kitchen equipment – functional cupboard inserts enhance the pleasure of cooking. The specially designed under-sink cabinet offers space for modern water treatment systems and a stylish light bridge is ideal for growing fresh herbs.

Pure solid wood in exceptional material thickness accentuates the natural aesthetic. The vertical milling of the echt.zeit fronts accentuate the wood’s physical texture, create a visual depth, and emphasize the solid wood character. Planned as a kitchen island with three work areas of different heights, it combines cooking, washing up and eating, encouraging all family members to gather in one place. Combined with open shelving, the result is a kitchen with a modern charm that radiates coziness, but at the same time impresses with comfort and functionality.




Please refer to the spec sheet for more details.