Ark Bar Stool

Designer/Artist: Sebastian Desch
Brand: Team 7

The Ark barstool by Team 7 is a stylish companion for kitchen islands, bars, and counters: it is charming, light-footed and dynamic in appearance, makes an elegant impression – and is always perfectly dressed. It owes its visual lightness to the floating appearance of the seat and to the flared legs that taper towards the bottom. The upholstery and high-quality leather or fabric cover are kept in position by a bar that serves as a striking design element, but also ensures that the perfect comfort and fit of this barstool are preserved for the long term. The edges of the elegant seat are defined by fine piping in a leather colour that matches the bar. Ark is available with seat height options of 26.3″ and 31.5 in, as well as with two backrest options of differing heights.




  • counter and bar stools with low and high backrests
  • leather or fabric upholstery (piping and bar always in leather)
  • frame in beech, oak, walnut or white oiled oak
  •  seat upholstered in fabric or leather

W – D – H (inches)

  • Ark barstool, low backrest
    • counter height
      15 x 18.3 x 30.9
      seat h. 26.3
    • bar height
      15 x 19 x 36.3
      seat h. 31.4
  • Ark barstool, high backrest
    • counter height
      15 x 18.3 x 35.4
      seat h. 26.3
    • bar height
      15 x 19 x 40.5
      seat h. 31.4

Please refer to the product spec sheet for more details and sizes


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