Magnum Table

Designer/Artist: Team 7 Design Team
Brand: Team 7

We won our first major design award in 2005 when we received the Red Dot Design Award for our magnum table. This table is still one of our absolute bestsellers. This is because of its timeless design on the one hand and its sophisticated extension technology on the other which can be operated using one hand, and continues to set the benchmark today. The integrated inserts allow the Magnum table to be conveniently extended by 50, 2 x 50 or 100 cm in next to no time. The patented 2soft swivel technology ensures gentle movement in both directions, making it extremely easy to use and handle.

The 2soft swivel technology ensures that the integrated inserts of the magnum table open and close smoothly and safely. This protects people and the material.



  • fixed or extending tables
  •  table top in solid wood, colored glass, or ceramic
  • table insert in solid wood, colored glass, or ceramic
  • types of wood: alder, beech, beech heartwood, oak, wild oak, cherry, walnut, wild walnut, oak white oil
  •  insert options:
    • one 19.6″ insert
    • two 19.6″ insert
    • one 39″ insert

Magnum is available in several fixed and extended sizes.

Please refer to the product spec sheet for more details and sizes