Nox Table

Designer/Artist: Jacob Strobel
Brand: Team 7

With its smooth synchronous extension and the gentle, protective 2soft swivel technology, our Nox table can easily grow by 60 or 120 cm. So you can create space for four more people in next to no time. The beauty of it: the table top extends on both sides as a result of the sophisticated design, while the slides stay in their place, as will your guests.

Options: fixed or extending tables.





  •  fixed table available with wooden frame base or metal slides in steel, palladium
  •  extending version with pull out rail and metal slides in steel or palladium
  • table top in solid wood: alder, beech, oak, cherry, walnut or white oiled oak
  • insert in solid wood
  • panel join – closed with metal pilaster strip gloss, matt, stainless steel finish or palladium
  • frame: steel chrome-plated gloss, matt, stainless steel finish or palladium
  • inserts:
    one 23.6″ insert
    one 47.2″ insert

W – L – H (inches)

  • Nox non-extending table
    39.3 x 78.7 x 29.5
    39.3 x 88.5 x 29.5
    39.3 x 98.4 x 29.5
    39.3 x 108.2 x 29.6
    39.3 x 118 x 29.5
  • Nox extending table
    68.8 (closed) + 23.6 or 47.2 insert
    78.7 (closed) + 23.6 or 47.2 insert
    88.5 (closed) + 23.6 or 47.2 inset

Nox is also available with a depth of 35.4

Please refer to the product spec sheet for more details and sizes