Cubus Sideboard

Designer/Artist: Sebastian Desch
Brand: Team 7

If it brings good luck when you knock on wood, our Cubus occasional furniture with its 25 mm-thick top board and side panels of beautiful solid wood is a really sound piece of luck. In contrast, it would indeed be bad luck if you could not find the right piece for your dining room among the many different versions of our cubus occasional furniture. One such piece is our cubus shelf system, which can also be arranged into versatile sideboards and highboards, exactly as you please. Hinged doors, sliding doors, drawers and flaps with shelf bases in wood or glass enable a lot of creative freedom in the design.




Cubus sideboard with flush-mounted sliding door

  • sliding door: solid wood or colored glass
  • handles: flap handle wood or stainless steel, touch with servo drive with or without inside drawers
  • types of wood: alder, beech, core beach, oak, wild oak, cherry, walnut, wild walnut, oak white oil, wild oak white old
  • base: recessed plinth


  • width: 63, 78.7, 102.4
  • height: 28, 31.2, 34.4
  • depth: 16.5, 19

Please refer to the product spec sheet for more details and sizes