Stern Coffee Table

Designer/Artist: Jacob Strobel
Brand: Team 7

Table or Work of Art?
The centerpiece of the Stern Coffee Table is a circular node from which eight identical rays branch out. Cleverly directed alternately upwards and downwards, the rays simultaneously form the legs and supports for a round glass top. The downward beveled edge of the clear glass top creates a charming play of color and light.

The “start qualities” of the Stern coffee table are confirmed by two reputed design awards – The Red Dot Design Award of 2011 and the Interior Innovation Award of 2011.



  • table top: clear glass, facetted underneath
  • types of wood: alder, beech, beech heartwood, oak,
  • cherry, walnut, oak white oil

DIMENSIONS L- W- H (inches)

  • 41.3 x 41.3 x 15.5

Please refer to the product spec sheet for more details