Home Entertainment

Designer/Artist: Team 7 Design Team
Brand: Team 7

Filigno, Cubus Pure and Cubus Home Entertainment enable an exceptional film and sound experience in your living room. The basis for this is a body of pure solid wood, which is optimally designed to support your sound system. This specially-developed living room range is the perfect solution for all Home Entertainment equipment. An intelligent ventilation system prevents your devices from overheating. The easy-access cable management system and generous space guarantee maximum convenience for the user, as does the innovative Qi charging technology, integrated into the cable flap for the wireless charging of smartphones and tablets. A subwoofer element ensures that the subwoofer is seen little – but heard loud and clear. The device can stand directly on the floor, mounted in the body. In this way, disruptive vibrations are avoided. The subwoofer cube can be part of a Home Entertainment ensemble, or can alternatively be a free-standing unit in the room.



Cubus, Cubus Pure & Filigno Home Entertainment


  • types of wood: alder, beech, beech heartwood, oak, wild oak, Venetian oak, cherry, walnut, wild walnut, oak white oil wild wood version and Venetian oak only available for fronts
  • shelves: solid wood or glass
  • drawers: full extension in metal and quiet self-closing mechanism
  • soft-touch: for flaps and drawers
  • media drawer: solid wood or colored glass
  • optional TV pillar in glossy chrome or metal colors
  • fan and cutout for docking station possible
  • 3 colors loudspeaker fabric


  • cable management solution
  • cable pull flap fitting
  • loudspeaker partition
  • TV pillar in glossy chrome or metal colors with an integrated cable duct is height-adjustable and rotates virtually 360°
  • freestanding or wall mount
  • intelligent air inlet and outlet for appliance recess
  • subwoofer add-on or stand-alone

Please refer to the spec sheet for more details.