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Country: Germany
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Stylish home décor, top-class seating comfort, pioneering design, innovative functionality and top quality that is “Made in Germany” – Rolf Benz has been synonymous with all this since 1964. In addition to seating furniture, Rolf Benz now also includes dining tables, beds and cabinets in its range. Top-quality furniture that is used anywhere in the world where timeless elegance and premium quality is appreciated. Even though standards may change over time, they will always remain high at Rolf Benz. This is also underlined by the numerous national and international awards the company has won in recent decades.

As a long-established company from the Black Forest, Rolf Benz embodies the characteristically German virtues of order, conscientiousness and discipline. The interaction of the Swabian work ethic, unique expertise, decades of experience and an exacting demand for quality runs through the entire production chain. Precision work and exacting checks are the essential ingredients in our efforts to achieve perfection. The actual formula for success, however, is universal: only what is created with dedication succeeds so well that it leaves a lasting impression.

The dedication to “Made in Germany“ is ideal for communicating exactly the feeling that we are aiming for – one that is best expressed with that beautiful German word: “WUNDERBAR”.

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