Rolf Benz Nuvola Sofa

Designer/Artist: Rolf Benz Design
Brand: Rolf Benz

The Rolf Benz NUVOLA comfort system range combines unlimited freedom with casual effortlessness, transforming them into a feeling you can feel and enjoy. A number of individual elements that can be combined as you like give you the space to make your ideas a reality in a stylish setting. Place the sofa freestanding in the room as an island of relaxation, arrange multiple sofas together as a living landscape for comfort, or quite literally use it as a bridge to create storage space and integrate the Rolf Benz 987 table into it. Whichever one you choose, all options lead to your personal comfort. “Personal” is taken quite literally in terms of your seating comfort. Whether you prefer the soft, relaxed-looking Lounge Deluxe upholstery with an especially soft seat or the well-established Lounge Plus comfort with a smoother seating surface, you will be in the right place each time you take a seat on Rolf Benz NUVOLA.