Modo Project Bath Cabinetry

Designer/Artist: Antonella di Nuzzo, Imago Design, Willy Dalto
Brand: Altamarea

Modo Project is the most dynamic and lively Altamarea bathroom furniture set.‎ Maximum modularity, countless color combinations, and extreme customization thanks to the exclusively designed accessories.‎ Original furnishings, interiors accessorized in style, and details created especially for this collection.‎ Every element enriches the lively soul of the Modo Project in a perfect mix of aesthetics and practicality.‎ Modo Project is a completely modular system that offers broad design choices from among the numerous practical and distinctly aesthetic elements featured in the image.‎ The Modo Project collection includes a selection of precious woods, technical materials such as Fenix NTM®, and melamine finishes combined with sand, gloss, and oxidized lacquers.‎
Original accessories are exclusively designed in numerous finishes and colors, for those seeking to maximize visual appeal.‎
A broad selection of unique options, the perfect combination of design and practicality.‎
Vanities and basins
Clean lines, essential forms, and delicate textures transmit harmony and balance to the bathroom environment.‎
Vanity tops and integrated basins
Vanity tops with integrated basins in a selection of materials, including the stand-out Mineral Beton, porcelain stoneware, and Corian®.‎
Without or with integrated lighting.



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