Rolf Benz Cara Armchair

Designer/Artist: Anita Schmidt
Brand: Rolf Benz

Beauty attracts us. Character never lets us go. Rolf Benz CARA combines both in a matchless way. The first generation of the graceful system range has already endeared itself to many comfort seekers, not just because of its elegant proportions, but also thanks to the diverse design options and innovative comfort functions. Thanks to new design ideas, CARA is now even more attractive and modern and has even more hidden talents that prove its true individual character. With 5 seat and sofa widths, 10 modular elements, 2 side section heights, 2 seat heights, 3 seat depths, 11 leg variants and 2 upholsteries, Rolf Benz CARA transforms your every wish into reality. And with the new optional relaxation functions, it can even satisfy the need for even greater flexibility and comfort.

Whether a sectional sofa with a long chair, a compact corner sofa or as a spacious living room environment: combining individual modules allows the sleek and stylish sofa to be customized and perfectly adapted to rooms of any size. With the choice of legs (single leg, metal or wooden brace leg, metal runner or side section down to the floor), you can add the perfect finish to your personal living style. Choose the upholstery and seat height to match your ergonomic preferences. The seat depth is adjusted through the thickness of the back cushions. Different seat depths can thus be created and mixed within a sofa-scape. Rolf Benz CARA adapts to your personal wishes as an individual sofa as well. With a total width of 136 cm and upwards, it is the most compact sofa in the Rolf Benz collection. It is complemented by the armchair, the ottoman or the footstool from the range.