DS-31 Lace Armchair

Designer/Artist: de Sede Design Team
Brand: de Sede

The DS-31 model series is one of the classics of our manufacture, combining design, craftsmanship and leather expertise to create a timeless, beautiful upholstered model.
The design gives a light appearance: back and seat cushions lie on a thin, wooden structure covered in leather, which in turn is supported by a slim foot. The second virtue, craftsmanship, is seen in the hand-stitched strap seams, which are artistically attached to the upholstery edges and armrests. The leather expertise reveals itself in the generous upholstery, inviting you to sit comfortably and linger that extra bit longer.

A special detail is the positioning of the armrests: reminiscent of a curved musical note, they give the DS-31 series an unmistakable character. Anyone looking for a timeless classic combined with an unsurpassed distinctiveness will find it here.



  • Polished stainless steel legs or color coating (RAL)
  • Polished chrome or different-colored coatings upon request.
  • Leather upholstery
    • lightly pigmented with a lightly embossed grain pattern
    • Nappa leather, lightly pigmented
    • natural Nappa leather
    • nubuck leather with a very smooth feel
    • full-grain Nappa leather, lightly pigmented


(L – D – H)

  • Armchair (low backrest)
      • /101 (37″ L x 34″ D x x 30″ H)
  • Armchair (high backrest)
    • /101 (37″ L x 34″ D x x 40″ H)
  • Sofas (low backrest)
    • /102 (62″ L x 34″ D x 30″ H)
    • /103 (86″ L x 34″ D x 30″ H)
  • Sofas (high backrest)
    • /102 (62″ L x 34″ D x 40″ H)
    • /103 (86″ L x 34″ D x 40″ H)
  • Ottoman:
    • 26″ L x 26″ D x 16″ H


Please refer to the product sheet for more details.