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Affreschi-Affreschi - Mobili Mobel

Country: Italy
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All the Affreschi & Affreschi designs are reproduced on fresh plaster sheets. It is, therefore, a special wallpaper, covered with a layer of plaster obtained with a mixture of 27 precious raw materials, among which Carrara marble and Roman travertine, on which the masterpieces of Italian art history have been carved. Imagine having the marble chips fall while Canova, Michelangelo, Bernini, and Raphael sculpted the works that made them the greatest in the world. Nowadays, with the same material, we get your walls covered to make them real masterpieces.

The output is a natural surface, to the touch and to the sight, that evokes that of the ancient frescoes made to measure and finished with care in every detail so that the chosen design emerges in all its beauty.

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