DS-5010 Agility Bench

Designer/Artist: Simon Busse
Brand: de Sede

Everyday sitting practically rethought

The special sophistication of the foldable felt stool makes the DS-5010 a versatile piece of seating furniture.

The design incorporates the classic leather craftsmanship of the de Sede master upholsterers. The seat surface is covered with the finest leather and in the shape of a saddle the best seating quality is guaranteed.

Whoever sits on a DS-5010 for the first time will immediately understand what it means to sit “firmly in the saddle”. The seat is well padded on both sides and supports the sitter without missing a backrest.

Flexible and agile, you can set up your own place anywhere – with the DS-5010, everyday sitting is practically re-invented. In addition to the stool, the foldable table offers the possibility to move your home office to wherever the call for comfortable seating and uncomplicated working becomes loud.

Joining forces with the design team from de Sede, Simon Busse has consciously come up with an uncomplicated item of furniture with flowing shapes that absorbs the hustle and bustle of everyday life, its felt walls delivering a stylish response to outside interference.

Following foldable stools and tables in felt and leather, the DS-5010 family now has offspring in the form of a sofa and armchair in combination with small, pre-assembled work tables: tiny niches, perfect bubbles.