Opera Bath Cabinetry

Designer/Artist: Antonella di Nuzzo, Imago Design, Willy Dalto
Brand: Altamarea

Opera is an extremely refined bathroom furniture set, inspired by the Scandinavian sideboards of the fifties and sixties.‎ A collection entirely based on a single technical detail, treated with consistency, enhanced with modern finishes, and combined with exclusive materials: a handle discovers its own personality and becomes a decoration.‎ The splendor of the brass and copper, along with the free choice of various finishes, have generated countless customizations where the beauty of the finishes and practicality of the furnishings find expression.‎ The minimalist style of Opera is ideal for both the main and guest bathroom.‎ A handle discovers its own personality: an entire collection is born.‎ Exclusive materials and innovative proposals are combined on the back of the principle of minimalist elegance.‎
A handle with a linear design becomes a decoration and inspires an entire line of accessories, created exclusively for the collection.‎
A clean and elegant look, in true Altamarea style, for the utmost practicality of the components.‎ The materials used range from select woods such as Eucalipto Termocotto or Rovere Sabbiato, to Sand, gloss, or Oxidised lacquers, and even technical materials such as Fenix NTM®.‎ All finishes, to which the precious surfaces of the tops are added, are combinable.‎
An atmosphere and LED lighting in surprising details.‎
Vanities and basins
Refined and resilient, they amplify the colors and enhance the composition.‎
Tops – integrated basins
Exclusive surfaces welcome new textural and color vibrations, enriching the mood of the composition.‎
Practical and sophisticated mirrors accentuate the rigorous mood of Opera.‎



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