Designer/Artist: Gessi Designer Team
Brand: Gessi

Gessi’s Anello collection has a feminine soul and speaks of harmony, love and fidelity, drawing inspiration from the shape of the circle which is a symbol of perfection, infinity, and eternity. The ring is designed as a jewel of “haute” goldsmith. Unique in its shape, it is characterized by a curved and slender body. For the way it adorns, illuminates, and gives character and beauty, the female accessory par excellence is the jewel. It’s a symbol of power, a magic amulet, a pure vanity vehicle or a precious gift, the ornamental object follows the evolution of civilizations. Since ancient times, the jewel is a representation of the person and his life; and it is, a memory of important events as well as decoration, not infrequently transmitted to subsequent generations to witness and commemorate their time beyond inspiration.



Anello can be admired in chrome, bronze, brass, copper, and black metal finishing.

Please refer to the spec sheet for more details.