DS-279 Armchair

Designer/Artist: Christian Werner 
Brand: de Sede

Low- or high-backed chairs with a slender star base, as dining chairs or lounge chairs, for uplifting seating comfort with the highest esthetic standards. Formally exciting transition between the seat and back shell as a characteristic feature. Different leather qualities and colors available for the outer and inner shell.

With the addition of a four-star base on castors, the relaxation wonder DS-279 achieves a move into a sculpture-inspired office and work atmosphere.



  • Leather
    • lightly pigmented with a lightly embossed grain pattern
    • Nappa leather, lightly pigmented
    • natural Nappa leather
    • nubuck leather with a very smooth feel
    • full-grain Nappa leather, lightly pigmented
  • Fabric
    • 80% viscose, 20% linen
    • 45% new wool, 45% recycled wool, 10% nylon
    • 90% cotton, 10% modal (velvety finish)
    • 81% viscose, 15% linen, 4% polyester
    • 95% wool, 5% PA (breathable & dirt-repellent)
    • 92% new wool, 8% nylon
    • 100% pure wool (breathable and dirt-resistant)


Please refer to the product spec sheet for more details and sizes