Ettorino BIG Floor Lamp

Brand: Catallani & Smith

“In 2004, colour became part of our catalogue for the first time, with the PostKrisi collection. Colour was used as a message of rebirth and joy. Today, that colour is back.” Also available in the classic black and white finishes, the “colourful” versions of the Ettorino lamps feature an elegant combination of primary colours, mixing blue, yellow and red. Preceded by the development of an innovative patented system, these new articulated lamps are characterised by a simple, rigorous design featuring surprising details. The signature feature of all the lamps is a functional detail in the shape of a red, dancing  figure. Ettorino BIG  is a large floor lamp designed for the lighting of a living room or a long table, thanks to a COB LED combined with a very wide optical lens that spreads the light evenly over the surface below.