Gaulino Stool

Designer/Artist: Oscar Tusquets
Brand: BD Barcelona Design

This stool is, alongside an entire family of equally potent furnishings, a testament to Oscar Tusquets’ influence.

The backless and light frame gives the stool a range of motion in the home. It can be taken around, tucked under a table or fitted between furnishings. The seat is practical, referential and stylish. It’s the Gaulino again, just in a different light.

Similar to the Gaulino’s lowered seat profile the stool has a concave seat, avoiding the sitter from slouching their back. Even its legs are reminiscent of the Gaulino, and assert confidence in a slow-tapering cabriole.


Stool available in FSC-certified natural varnished ash upholstered in natural hide, ash stained black upholstered in black hide, or coral red ash (RAL 3016) upholstered in toasted hide.