Icon Chair

Designer/Artist: Daniel Stegen
Brand: KFF

The new design by Daniel Stegen features a minimalist design with great attention to detail. It is based on the clear geometric basic shape of the circle in the round seat. The backrest takes up the opening radius identically. The legs feature finely crafted lenticular heads at the front and merge into the backrest at the rear. The shape of the backrest draws the eye. It looks as if it flows directly into the seat, but there is a deliberately filigree gap between the seat and backrest.

As soon as you take a seat, you are pleasantly surprised because, as is typical of KFF’s DNA, the comfort is optimal, but surprisingly soft and almost perfect at this point. The seat is lavishly upholstered with a three-layer foam to make it comfortable to sit on. The beautifully shaped backrest supports the back and offers immediate relaxation.
The chair delivers plenty of visual coolness, creative attention to detail and shows a high degree of authenticity. Icon, a real statement piece..

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