Loya Armchair

Designer/Artist: Studio Truly Truly
Brand: Leolux

Loya lets you create your own little space that’s always there for you. This elegant sofa is crafted with exceptional attention to detail and promises a warm welcome. Loya combines generous proportions with an aura of total softness.

Kate and Joel Booy of Studio Truly Truly based their design on what they call the ‘soft mass’ principle, imparting volume to a two-dimensional material. The sofa takes linear geometric forms and expands them into a composition of soft blocks that offers unparalleled comfort.

The slightly tilted arm- and backrests are perhaps the most eye-catching feature, an open and permanent invitation to sit down and make yourself at home. Loya is a haven of comfort and tranquillity in a changing world.

The sofa is elegantly and distinctively edged with saddle stitching expertly applied in the Leolux studio. This creates a gorgeous pattern of lines, positioned so that you don’t feel it as you enjoy your well-earned relaxation on the sofa.

Loya rests on an upholstered base that’s set slightly back from the seat, and can be made in a different material to the rest of the sofa, to give it your own very personal twist.




The Loya range includes sofas, freestanding divans, two footstools, and a large number of add-on elements.

Please contact the showroom for more information.

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