LU Murano Illusion Chandelier

Designer/Artist: Fabio Fornasier
Brand: LU Murano

The Illusion Chandelier, crafted by Fabio Fornasier, stands as a unique masterpiece of art and design, captivating observers with its ability to be admired, listened to, and illuminated. This extraordinary work seamlessly combines visual and auditory excellence, challenging conventional wisdom that blown glass is an uncommon material for constructing loudspeakers.

Fornasier embarked on a journey of learning from scratch, delving into the intricacies of suitable vibration, resonance, frequencies, and sound pressure. The arduous year-long process leading to this inaugural creation demanded a meticulous exploration of materials and techniques. While it didn’t revolutionize chandelier design, it necessitated the integration of loudspeakers capable of delivering a linear response across all audible frequencies.

Various materials, including Kevlar, acoustic paper, and fiberglass, were subjected to testing, ultimately leading to the selection of fiberglass cones. Rigorous experimentation with crossover filters, adjusting and fine-tuning them, resulted in finding the optimal crossover frequencies between the midwoofer and tweeter loudspeakers. Additionally, modifications to the thickness and shape of the blown glass were made to achieve a stable system devoid of perceptible resonance.

Fabio Fornasier’s boundless creativity shines through in this groundbreaking work, producing an unparalleled and captivating piece that defies convention. The Illusion Chandelier is a harmonious fusion of beauty, pure sound, design, and artistry, truly unlike anything seen before.

Handmade in Murano. Signed by artist.