Peristylo Shelving Unit

Designer/Artist: Oscar Tusquets
Brand: BD Barcelona Design

There is elegance and versatility that comes from a simple shelving system. Tusquets’ Peristylo units are simple. There is also history in a column. It has those too.
With an awareness of functionality and a passion for architectural history, Tusquets created a structure both efficient and sculptural. ‘Peristylo’ derives from the Greek Peristyle, a structure surrounded by columns. Columns encase Tusquets’ own home. They return again in the Peristylo, encasing the horizontal planks and running upwards into Doric capitals.
This sculptural shelf generates a compositional and symbolic harmony. The Peristylo is imbedded both in the far away past and in Tusquets’ personal history.
Dense columns can meet a stable baseboard and pass through shelves. Available in four sizes with or without a base, the shelf is modular and can be free-standing, wall-hung, or organised in various combinations.


Two types of baseboard are available.
Shelves in FSC-certified ash and turned vertical supports in stained black wood