Pli Lounge Chair

Designer/Artist: Stefan Heiliger
Brand: FSM

A miracle of rotation

The chair Pli consists of two armchair parts, each rotating about its own axis. Thanks to the option of dual rotation the armchair can fulfill a variety of functions and surprises the person seated with unimagined flexibility. Depending on how the two chair parts are rotated relative to one another, the armchair can be used with an armrest, a footrest or an intelligent shelf. The needs and demands of the person seated are virtually limitless.

Designer Stefan Heiliger’s basic idea was to create a functional armchair that can be operated differently. Previous functional armchairs had a footrest that could be pulled up or an armrest that could be folded up individually. Pli can do without all this. This smart swivel armchair revolutionarily fulfills the arm- or footrest functions with the correct pivot point.
The design of the dynamic seating object looks stately. This is how Pli lends a tasteful touch of extravagance to the commercial and residential settings alike.