Shanty Sideboard Cabinet

Designer/Artist: Doshi Levien
Brand: BD Barcelona Design

Shanty was inspired by the patchwork of corrugated stainless steel used to build many of the temporary or improvised homes throughout the world, from India to Brazil. Its attraction lies in the beauty of imperfection. Its body is an asymmetrical volume and each door opens differently. The collection comes in two finishes: Shanty Summer and Shanty Winter, with greater or less colour, with feet in matte gold.




Model A
81″ W x 20.4″ D x 38.5″ H

Model B
81.8 x 24.4″ D x 38.5″ H

Shanty Small
51″ W x 20.4″ D x 38.3″ H

  • modules in MDF fiberboard with a lacquered matte finish
  • doors in MDF fiberboard with a mechanized waveform front and matte lacquered finish
  • 8mm painted glass top
  • octagonal legs made of extruded anodized gold aluminum
  • structure in tubular steel with welded strips to assemble legs
  • available color ways: summer & winter