Sunday Ceiling Lamp

Designer/Artist: Axolight Lab
Brand: Axolight

With Sunday, the Axolight creative team set the goal of creating a lamp inspired by the pleasure of immersion into light.

The Sunday lamp draws inspiration from the feeling of well-being generated by a calm and satisfying light, the one by which we would like to be surrounded from during a day of rest, as in the classic ideal of a Sunday morning.

Sunday’s design is voluptuous and streamlined. Its shape recalls that of a frisbee, or a simple circular opening on the ceiling, decorated with refined and characterizing color finishes.

The lamp is 64,9 cm (25,6 inch) wide, with a height of just 4,7 cm (1,8 inch), despite holding inside all of the electronic components for powering and remotely controlling the light using mechanical elements that allow exceptional ease of assembly.

The structure of the lamp body is made entirely of metal; the light emission cavity is covered by a high transmittance opaline pmma, which determines its efficiency and visual comfort.