Tadao 1515-III Table

Designer/Artist: Dr. Patric Draenert
Brand: Draenert

Hospitality has a name: TADAO. This round dining table of natural stone has a rotatable inner plate. The cone-shaped base, which is painted to match the tabletop or covered with leather, can easily carry large diameters. The TADAO achieves a certain lightness with the decorative stone ring at the base. This table gives a stylish flair to prestigious rooms.




Available in more than 180 stone types. Besides the new conical shape metal base, a further option offers the variant 1515-II with a three-star stone base made of 3 wings. This base varies in size according to the diameter of the tabletop.

W – L – H (inches)

Available in the following diameters:
43.3, 47.2, 51, 55, 59, 63, 66.9, 70.8

Please refer to the product spec sheet for more details.