Gaulinetta Chair

Designer/Artist: Oscar Tusquets
Brand: BD Barcelona Design

Inspired by Antonio Gaudi and Carlo Mollino, Tusquets created ‘Gaulino’ in 1987. It was an industrially hand-crafted chair with a contoured wooden frame, slender tapering legs and smooth rich leather. The artisanal chair became a modern icon of 20th-century design.
Tusquets modelled the table in 2011 to complement the Gaulino chair. He brought an intimate approach to his Gaulino style. One that amplified the utility of the Gaulino concept, exuding a contemporary frame from a modern design. The structure sits comfortably in space. With a visual lightness supported by the elegant top, the table is both eye-catching and beautifully functional.
With a soft curved edge, the table’s profile has a gentle and thin top with an arching underside that meets tapered legs. Its structure retains functionality yet is visually striking at every angle.



Frame in FSC-certified ash with either a clear varnish or stained black or coral red (RAL 3016).
Seat upholstered in natural hide, black hide or toasted hide.