Juna Sofa

Designer/Artist: Jonathan Hotz
Brand: FSM

Luxurious lightness

Juna is quite clearly a clever symbiosis between elegant form and functionality. The sofa has slender legs that support a seat with two delicate upholstered layers. This charming construction has a harmonious appeal, and adds an unmistakable style to the living space. Yet the graceful appearance conceals a surprising amount of flexibility. Juna is designed to fulfill everything that is important in a stylish ambiance: watching TV, reading, sleeping or even just an extended spell of relaxing.
The sofa model turns into a daybed in just a few movements, and a wide range of positions are available from sitting to lying with raised legs. Impossible to imagine? The secret is in the construction of the upholstery layers that are stacked on top of each other. The upper upholstery is a miracle of folding, and can be adjusted into an upright position. In this, the sofa suggests a recliner, and promises a special level of relaxing pleasure. Fold-down arm sections offer additional comfort. With its flexible options, this dynamic seat object provides the maximum comfort and coziness whilst remaining consistent in its sophisticated elegance.

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