Shelby Recliner

Designer/Artist: Georg Appeltshauser
Brand: FSM

Name follows form.

Built for blissful relaxation, this easy chair takes its name from its constructional design: a hard shell containing a soft and cosy core with convenient seating adjustment. With his latest creation, designer Georg Appeltshauser has focused his attention on comfort and graceful elegance: the chair’s sumptuous upholstery forms an intriguing contrast to its slim external lines. The seat swivels through a full 360° and offers an impressive 17-degree angle of tilt. When its slender concealed leg-rest is fully extended, the Shelby provides an impressively generous seating area. Whether in an exquisite blend of different leather qualities or in combination with choice fabric, whether in solid or broken colours, its covering materials can be chosen to ensure that the Shelby meets everyone’s personal requirements.