“Sitting 4.0”

The armchair Rex revolutionizes the act of sitting. Like the de Sede model DS-343, the armchair Rex is based on a patented seat study developed over the last two decades by seat expert and physical therapist Bart Van der Heyden. Rex is an armchair that moves with the movements of the person seated. Changes in posture are not just permitted but even encouraged.

The armchair presents itself in a novel architecture. The seat shell does not stop at the backrest as usual but extends to pelvis height instead. This is not only a stylish design element but the elementary basis for this sitting revolution. With the extended seat shell, the person seated assumes a different posture when leaning back: if you lean backwards, only the upper part of the backrest moves backwards. Following the movements of the body, this provides gentle support to the spine and the chest opens automatically. The person seated immediately feels a more open posture, which is accompanied by a freedom of sitting.