Lympha Bath Cabinetry

Designer/Artist: Franco Driusso
Brand: Altamarea

LYMPHA is a complete bathroom furniture set that stands out for its stylish lines and advanced search for prestigious materials.‎ Formal, exclusive details coordinated with the bathroom set finishes; practical and beautiful elements that define the Lympha design.‎ Every single element, from the accessories to the furnishings, to the lighting, has been designed to interpret the bathroom environment as an oasis of well-being.‎ Lympha is a high-design product created to meet the demands of a continuously changing market, where the bathroom environment is increasingly associated with personal care and well-being.‎ The advanced search for prestigious materials is expressed in the broad range of proposed finishes.‎ The Lymph solutions are dressed in elegant gloss, sand, and oxidized lacquers, soft Fenix NTM®, and precious woods, including in particular Rovere Terra Dogato with 3D workmanship featuring thin, corrugated, vertical slats.‎
High-design, practical, and elegant accessories enrich the bathroom environment.‎ Lympha proposes a broad range of internal accessories and elements coordinated with the collection, such as the swivel tray connected to the base in painted metal, and opening systems with customizable handles and integrated profiles.‎
Lympha is a complete collection characterized by innovative and practical furnishings.‎ Among these is the new pull-out end module, which with a single movement allows access to two distinct storage compartments, one at the front and another on the side.‎ Moreover, the practical swivel tray connected to the base in painted metal, the organizer shelves, and the towel rail coordinated with the bathroom finishes.‎ The delicate Strato paneling and elegant Vertical storage unit with shelves in different finishes and freely positionable, complete the bathroom environment.‎
The Lympha pendant light with double-emission LED lighting is available in different sizes and can be personalized in all the proposed finishes.‎ The lighting incorporated into the mirror frame, and internal LED lighting of the furniture units enhances the collection’s practicality.‎
Vanities and basins
Lympha proposes different basin solutions to satisfy all types of aesthetic and practical needs.‎
Vanity tops and integrated basins
The texture of porcelain stoneware, the soft opaqueness of Fenix, the shine of the lacquers, the Corian®, marbles, metals, glass, and other sophisticated materials dress the vanity tops with or without integrated basin





Oak and porcelain stoneware bathroom furniture

The asymmetrical forms balance out the aesthetic language defined by the elements in Rovere Terra Dogato, which are counterpoised with elements in a refined oxidized lacquer.



Oak and etched glass bathroom furniture

Plays on volumes, elegant suspended harmonies of reflections and textures. A composition characterized by concealed and visible storage modules, and timeless textural and color contrasts.



Oak and porcelain stoneware bathroom furniture

The integrated basin is the stand-out feature in this slimline composition, available in a range of variants. The concealed Up handle does not interfere with the linearity of the fronts, while the Vertical system and Lympha light offer elegance and vitality to the bathroom environment.



Oak and porcelain stoneware bathroom furniture

The right balance of opaqueness and reflecting light. The characteristic vertical wall unit allows both front and side storage. The metal base that skims the corner door, allowing it to be opened, adds a sense of formal lightness to the composition.



Eucalypt wood, lacquered, porcelain and brass bathroom furniture

An elegant soft atmosphere enriches the environment dedicated to relaxation. The spacious tall Gem display cases partition the room creating a service area. The Sarten mirror incorporates a perimeter lighting system concealed by the metal frame.



Elm wood, Fenix-NTM® bathroom furniture

A floor-standing composition with copious storage space. The side module in Olmo Naturale becomes a secret hideaway. Top in Fenix NTM® Verde Comodoro, a material also characterized by a nanotechnology surface treatment. The composition is also available in the sophisticated variant in Rosso Vino lacquer and Sabbiato Cortina wood.



Elm wood and Fenix-NTM® bathroom furniture

Sophisticated appeal. The elegant Fenix NTM® Nero Ingo finish highlights the shape of the floor-standing units and enhances the porcelain stoneware top with an integrated basin.



Mineral Stone® and lacquered wood bathroom furniture

A free composition in the space, featuring wall-mounted tops with different thicknesses, enriched by the Day Box open storage compartments separating the two large Luxor mirrors. Also available in the corner console version to make the most of the space in the bathroom, creating a convenient vanity table.



Fenix NTM® bathroom furniture

Plays on volume, full and empty spaces; this particular composition made entirely in Fenix NTM® Grigio Bromo, includes the Lympha pull-out end module with an open side compartment, and integrated basin in the top in Fenix NTM®.



Oak and lacquered wood bathroom furniture

Monolith is the iconic element of the Lympha collection. The Pietra Grey blends with the Rovere Terra Dogato wood, creating a highly sophisticated overall design. Minimalist and absolute.

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