360Gradi Bath Cabinetry

Designer/Artist: Gian Luca Perissinotto, Imago Design
Brand: Altamarea

360Gradi is a bathroom furniture set with a markedly contemporary design.‎ A unique collection by way of its distinctive features able to satisfy a range of different styles, and modular structure that easily adapts to a broad variety of materials.‎ Details that convey a style, attentiveness, and thought reserved for analysis.‎ Stories of different experiences and lifestyles.‎ 360Gradi is the opportunity to interpret countless living projects at will.‎ Traditional materials combined on the back of the principle of contemporary elegance.‎ The 360Gradi collection ranges from sand or gloss lacquers to precious woods, all of which can be personalized with door and side finishes in porcelain stoneware, Fenix NTM®, metals, Corian®, lacquered glass, and even the same wood panels as those used for the flooring.‎
Studied in detail for the best optimization of the spaces.‎
Volumes and functions are merged to create surprising solutions.‎
A dreamy atmosphere is created by LED lights.‎
Vanities and basins
Pleasant textures in suggestions with a modernist and simple style.‎
Vanity tops – integrated basins
Natural materials and precious details transmit harmony and balance.‎
Elegant reflections amid furniture and architectural spaces.‎



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