Dice Coffee Table

Designer/Artist: Studio Truly Truly
Brand: Leolux

The Dice coffee table is truly a design object. No compromise has been made in its design. Every detail is exactly as designers Studio Truly Truly intended. This creates a fascinating table that continues to surprise from every perspective.

Dice’s finest detail are the chrome ‘eyes’ that attach the glass table top to the base. They are reminiscent of the eyes of a dice. The round version of Dice has a diameter of 100 centimetres. You can also choose the oval version, which is 140 centimetres long and 80 centimetres wide.

Dice stands on an expertly crafted base. Three sets of two legs interweave intriguingly, resulting in an unparalleled expression. Dice’s table-top is made of thermally hardened safety glass no less than 15 mm thick. High-quality and imposing at the same time.