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Missoni is a luxury lifestyle brand founded in 1953 by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni. A promoter of a lively and optimistic look – where the use of color and geometrical patterns convey an unmistakable style found in a wide range of products and projects, including the RTW collections for men and women, sportswear, beachwear, textile and leather accessories, in addition to home furniture – today Missoni interprets the human values of sustainability, inclusiveness and respect for diversity that were ingrained in the company by the founders of the brand.

Art and expertise are inextricably linked in the Missoni world, in which creativity and design unite with the undisputed pursuit of artisan experimentation that reaches its peak in the development and application of the most sophisticated techniques in the world of knitwear. To achieve the highest results in this sector and support the creativity of its team, Missoni recently restarted the original factory at Sumirago; it is flanked by a new production area that focuses on shuttle-woven fabrics.

Missoni’s vibrant colors and iconic, flame and zigzag patterns will soon decorate the common areas and luxury residences of the new real estate projects Missoni Baia in Miami and the Urban Oasis in Dubai, but the company also has a direct channel with its end clients through missoni.com, the brand’s global flagship store that offers an immersive experience in the Missoni world.

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