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Altamarea stands out in the national and international market for its production of Italian-designed bathroom furniture. Constant experimentation has allowed the development of products with a strong identity, where the encounter between haute couture design and precious materials is expressed in the language of the architectural space. Altamarea stands out for its tailored approach, and its ability to design bathroom furniture that perfectly responds to the needs for which it was created. The design process is steered by extreme attention to detail, the character of each element composing the space, and the search for beauty and integration with functionality. The synergy between the production, commercial, and logistics teams has allowed the Company to successfully experiment with new materials and technologies, thus giving shape to coordinated spaces sharing a common vision of living. The technical quality and stability of products, together with considerable care for the environment, are demonstrated in every detail: to create the carcasses of our bathroom furniture, Altamarea has chosen to use Fundermax chipboard panels, which guarantee a product of excellence and high design.

Since its beginnings, Altamarea has adopted a code of ethics applied to every field: in the use of guaranteed ecological furniture panels, recycled wood, and recyclable packaging, the use of FSC® paper for its catalogs, careful waste sorting and meticulous disposal of paint waste using specific drying and compound separation procedures. The technical quality and stability of products are demonstrated in every detail, even in those that can’t be seen because they’re often hidden from view. Care for the environment and a focus on technology are the main factors in choosing the panels used to produce the carcasses of bathrooms, which, insofar as the supporting structure of each furniture item, must have indisputable mechanical characteristics. Besides Altamarea has obtained international, independent, third-party FSC® certification issued by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which guarantees the utmost traceability of the timber and its derivatives. Monitoring covers the entire life cycle of the material, from the forest to the consumer.

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